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A glowing woman in the darkness

Literary review and learning resource

Opening with this daunting story about a brave woman, Meena, I am intending to start a serious of reading activities to work with my English students, in order to improve language acquisition and critical thinking skills. The teachers guide offered here is built in general terms, so that it could be adaptable to the variety of levels and necessities the professionals might encounter.

About the book

Meena, heroine of Afghanistan

It is not a simple task to talk about real superpowers among us because they seem rather arduous to detect. The story I bring about today has all the elements to develop into an epic account of superheroes’ life, apart from the fact that it depicts a real woman instead. Ironically, women superpower is invisibility with all its positive and negative consequences. Let´s shimmer that.

Meena heroine of Afghanistan
Meena heroine of Afghanistan by Melody Ermachild Chavis. Bantam Books.

Meena heroine of Afghanistan is a crude and vivid portrait that every citizen should know. Through its pages, we can move back to a part of history that has been muted for so long. Nonetheless, light needs shadow to spark and this is how the courage of Meena shine the path for all of those who witnessed her determination.

The book is dedicated to brave people who find the strength to build a better world, as Meena did. When trying to improve the quality of life for Afghans, Meena not only set a formidable example of freedom and justice but she also provided hope. Such an extraordinary effort seems to push the reader to keep on hoovering this remarkable story that combines the best and worst of human nature.

Along with its passages, we can find out crucial details of the history of Afghanistan, closely interweaved with political and economic interests of all kinds, while we learn about the dauntlessness determination of its people, who resisted to a bitter end. Furthermore, this vital experience shows how oppression can always take many forms as well as resistance is forced to stagger to strike back.

Initially Meena, a fragile and delicate teenager, attempt to hold back a wave of suffering around her beloved ones. Shortly after her demands for justice increased, they spread out through all her acts provoking the have-nots to empower themselves. And she did so to the extent of founding a clandestine and revolutionary organization called RAWA which continues nowadays.


Little did the young Meena know by then how wonderful example she will set among justice seekers around the world, especially between women´s rights defenders. This dazzling account of all her remarkable achievements won´t disappoint. Just when a person might think there is only so much we can bear, such a strong woman proves it wrong.

Do not hesitate to read the book if you find the chance or to research more into this incredible figure. Some stories are worth reading but Meena´s is also worth sharing to the world.

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